The All Night Diner Choice Site Award is for sites that take you somewhere. When you travel through cyberspace to an AND site, you really believe you have traveled to another place. You see it, you're there, it's real. There are pictures and stories about a time and place that perhaps once was and is no more. Or that still is and is recreated for you so that you can experience it as though you had been there and seen it for yourself.

Remember the all night diners of the 50's? There was nothing like partying into the wee hours of 10 or 11 PM with a coke and 7 or 8 straws. You could still make it home in time for mom and dad's curfew. The diners had great food, great sounds and great atmosphere.

Some were copies of the dining cars on passenger trains of the 40s and 50s. Some were just little screened-in buildings that surrounded the kitchen from which emanated that wonderful aroma that pushed the excitement of biting into your meal-in-a-basket to an extreme.

We're so fond of those old diners that we've named our award after them. Here are the sites who have qualified for this award.

Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach
A hotbed of theatrical talent, this beachside village hosts a fantastic community theatre that is second to none. Visit them online and see how they do it and what's now playing.

Troubleshooting and Resource Guide for Windows
An extensive troubleshooting & resource guide for non-technical users of Windows Operating Systems.  Many shareware programs, links, tips, hints, and procedures explained in plain English.

Friday Nighters "Party On" News - New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

SHS Class of 58 Home Page
Southside High School, Class of 58, Elmira, NY - THE fifties page for all you fifties fans. Really takes you back!

Chemung Valley Railway Historical Society - Trains, Trains and More Trains! - looking for the right photographer? Check out these photos taken by professional photographer Sandi Carroll.

This is Elmira Country - telling all the good things about a favorite city in upstate New York. - stories and essays by columnist and writer, Bill Cook of New Smyrna Beach, FL.

EldridgePark.US - the story of a comeback and how important it was to a community to see their old amusement park back in operation. The story continues...

The Tidewater Sailor - photos and stories about the US Navy as from sailors who were there.

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