It isn't quite as easy as using crayons and a coloring book - but kids seem to get the hang of it without much trouble.

How about you? Does the word Email make it sound complicated? It really isn't. And, in today's business climate, even the smallest of companies needs Email to communicate with vendors, customers and other important business associates.

In fact, Email communication is the Internet's most widely used business tool. Our virtual web hosting enables you to use your domain with your Email address in an easy-to-remember format. This reinforces your unique identity on the Internet every time your contacts send you Email. And having your own domain enhances the appearance of your business cards and stationery.

Additional Email addresses:

Your GCO Entry Business Account provides you with distinct extra E-mail addresses for you and your employees to use at moderate charge. These additional Email boxes can be set-up and mapped to your domain or another e-mail address on demand.

Server-side tools:

Unlimited server space:
Your GCO Entry Business Account includes a unlimited amount of storage for your web and FTP files. This is a critical online element not provided by most of our competitor providers, and it allows you to have a comprehensive web site and the ability to plan for future growth.

Three gigabytes of bandwidth per month:
Instead of charging you by the megabyte for data transfer, as many other ISPs do, GCO provides you with a whopping three gigabytes of bandwidth per month.

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