ESG Rating


The ESG ratings are aimed at assessing a company's performance based on environmental, social and governance criteria. They are strategic tools that allow companies to rate their actions in terms of sustainability and thus offer a transparent image of their performance.

Companies that offer better management of ESG factors can more efficiently mitigate the risks related to them and make better use of the opportunities they offer.

At GCO we understand, prevent and aspire to mitigate ESG risks and to manage the opportunities given to us in the best possible way.

At 14 December 2023, GCO´s ESG risk rating, assessed by the rating agency Sustainalytics, was 16.9 points. The agency therefore considers that our organisation has a low risk of experiencing material financial impacts related to ESG factors and places us among the top 30 companies with the best ESG rating in the insurance sector, which includes more than 300 companies.