Good governance

Ethics in GCO (Grupo Catalana Occidente)

The Code of Ethics defines the principles and values that inspire GCO's functioning and performance and establishes the general guidelines to obligatorily govern the conduct of GCO and its comprising companies, directors, employees, agents and partners, in carrying out their tasks and in their commercial and professional relations, by acting in accordance with the law and respecting ethical principles.

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Compliance Verification

In the development of the principles set out in the Group's code of ethics and its commitment to legality and professional ethics, Grupo Catalana Occidente has its corresponding corporate governance frameworks in the field of personal data protection and information security and the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

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Customer Defence and Whistleblowing Channel

GCO is firmly committed to the values that characterise it. Therefore, as a regulation for the development of the code of ethics and part of its model for the prevention of criminal responsibility of GCO's legal entities, it provides the interested parties with an internal whistleblowing channel, which is confidential and has protection measures for the complainant, in order to prevent and detect inappropriate conduct, the breach of the code of ethics and thus contribute to the fight against fraud and other criminal offences.

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