Social commitment

Responsible employment


Diversity, equality and inclusion

At GCO, we are committed to effective equality of opportunity, promoting diversity as a fundamental competitive advantage and a priority strategy in our people management. Our aim is to create an inclusive and respectful environment, where everyone can express themselves freely and achieve their full potential. This diverse and equitable culture not only benefits our employees, customers and partners, but also helps us all to continue building a fairer society. 

Commitment to sustainability

Due diligence and human rights

We firmly believe that respect for and the promotion of human rights are not only moral imperatives, but also a minimum standard for any responsible business.

To comply with this responsibility, at GCO we have policies and procedures that can safeguard these rights and address their implications. We have also implemented monitoring procedures that allow us to identify, with due diligence, situations in which there might be a risk of human rights violations and establish mechanisms to prevent and mitigate such risks. 

Compliance Verification Committee

Professional development and training

At GCO, we consider continuous training, refresher courses and the exchange of knowledge as essential pillars for change and growth in the organisation. We prioritise ongoing training to improve individual skills, aligning them with the needs of the business. We also encourage internal promotion, personal motivation and innovative initiatives.

Moreover, we believe that investing in young talent through cooperation with educational institutions gives us a crucial competitive advantage: it not only provides new perspectives but also strengthens our ability to adapt to market changes.

Flexibility and work-life balance

Flexibility and work-life balance

In the area of flexibility and work-life balance, we encourage new ways of working that promote the self-management of our employees' time to enable them to meet their personal needs. To do this, we have specific measures in each country where we operate, including options such as flexible working hours, remote working, childbirth allowances, reduced working hours, and support for the right to disconnect from work, among others.