Sustainability strategy

Governance bodies

Sustainability driven from the top management

Sustainability driven from the top management

Our commitment to sustainability extends from the highest level of the organisational structure, with senior management responsible for promoting GCO's sustainability strategy, as defined by the Board of Directors.

We also have a series of specific committees responsible for matters concerning sustainability: Sustainability Committee, Sustainable Investment Committee, Audit Committee and Compliance Verification Committee

Our ESG and Sustainability Committees



Sustainability Committee

It has the delegated function of deciding and supervising the Group's actions in relation to matters of sustainability, including the Sustainability Master Plan and its corresponding regular updates. This Committee is made up of the heads of the various areas and companies of the Group, who represent the stakeholders. The committee meets at least twice a year.

Sustainable Investment Committee

This Committee, assesses and monitors the Group's Sustainable Investment Policy and the implementation of the Annual Plan. The agreements made are approved by the Investment Committee and are reported to the Sustainability Committee.

Audit Committee

It supervises financial and non-financial risks, including sustainability risks, monitoring the effectiveness of the control and management systems. It also controls compliance with the Group's policies on environmental, social and corporate governance, as well as internal codes of conduct.

Compliance Verification Committee

It is responsible for assessing, advising and reporting on everything related to verifying compliance with the applicable legal obligations, and those voluntarily assumed, as well as the impact of any modification of the legal environment and compliance risk, including those relating to sustainability.