Sustainability strategy

Governance bodies

Sustainability driven from the top management

Sustainability driven from the top management

GCO's strategic objective is to ensure sustainability, with senior management responsible for defining and promoting the sustainability strategy.

In turn, this sustainability strategy is supervised through three committees with responsibilities in this area: Sustainability Committee, Audit Committee and Compliance Verification Committee.

Sustainability supervisory bodies in GCO (Grupo Catalana Occidente)

Sustainability Committee

It has the delegated function of deciding and supervising GCO's actions in relation to sustainability issues, including the Sustainability Master Plan and its corresponding regular updates.

Audit Committee

It supervises the accounting and integrity processes of GCO's financial information and its comprising entities, monitors the application of good governance standards, as well as supervises the risk management control system and the sustainability policy.

Compliance Verification Committee

It is responsible for assessing, advising and reporting on everything related to verifying compliance with the applicable legal obligations, and those voluntarily assumed, as well as the impact of any modification of the legal environment and compliance risk, including those relating to sustainability.