Materiality analysis

Our materiality analysis seeks to identify relevant issues for the Group and our stakeholders. This analysis is carried out taking into account the dual approach of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

What is double materiality?

It is the study of how sustainability factors could affect the value of the Group (financial materiality) and how our actions can have impacts on society and the environment (impact materiality).

Why are we doing it?

To ensure that our strategy focuses on the most relevant issues for both our stakeholders and for GCO, and adapts to a rapidly evolving sustainability environment. The material issues identified in the analysis define the main action points that govern the Sustainability Master Plan.

Who do we ask?

To conduct the materiality study, we engaged in various communications with our stakeholders to understand their concerns and thus prioritise the different issues based on the new trends and sensitivities of the environment in which we operate. To identify and assess the issues, we held meetings with industry experts, sent assessment questionnaires and surveys to different stakeholders, and reviewed industry studies and regulatory frameworks on sustainability.

New material issues

These are the various material issues that resulted from the double materiality analysis.

Climate change

Contribution to society and local communities

Business ethics and conduct

Employee health and well-being

Service quality and customer satisfaction

Data privacy

Talent management, professional development and training

Responsible management of products and services


Diversity, equality and inclusion

Sustainable investment

Responsible governance

Employment conditions

Managing the relationship with suppliers and partners

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