Grupo Catalana Occidente Stakeholder Groups

Our relationship with the various stakeholders is based on an ongoing and transparent dialogue. GCO establishes specific commitments with each of them which are laid down in its Code of Ethics.


The human team is the main asset for creating value for the customers and shareholders of GCO's entities. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities, fair remuneration, ongoing training and to facilitating a good work-life balance.


The main objective of the relationship of GCO's companies with their almost four million customers is to offer them competitive products and a quality service, based on personal, transparent and comprehensive advice.

Shareholders, investors and analysts

These groups are key to sustainability over time of the organisation, which commits itself to working towards a return on their investment by carefully managing risks, developing a long-term strategy and transparency in information.


The network of agents facilitates the relationship of the entities with their environment. They contact, generating confidence to understand the particular needs and contribute value through their professionalism and proximity. GCO commits to providing them with continuous support in their professional development and remuneration equity.

Collaborators and suppliers

These are the service providers, the experts whose service is essential for the performance of the insurance activity. GCO guarantees objectivity and impartiality in selection and recruitment, equal treatment and transparency in management.


GCO bases its business model on respect for people and on contributing positively to the environment and its stakeholders. The commitment undertaken with the companies in which it operates has been linked to economic development, well-being and quality employment for more than a century. The social action is organised through the Fundación Jesús Serra.