Grupo Catalana Occidente Stakeholder Groups

At GCO, we understand that success is linked to the relationships we build with our stakeholders. Each of them plays a key role in our business journey, and we recognise the need for constant and transparent dialogue with them to promote solid and meaningful relationships. To do this, in our Code of Ethics, we have set out specific commitments with each of our stakeholders.

We also regularly carry out materiality analyses to learn about the topics that are truly relevant to our stakeholders. These topics are integrated into our internal decision-making processes, thus addressing their concerns and strengthening our relationships.


The human team is our main asset for creating value for our customers and shareholders. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities, fair remuneration, ongoing training and to facilitating a good work-life balance.


The main objective of our relationship with our customers is to offer them competitive products and a quality service, based on personal, transparent and comprehensive advice.

Shareholders, investors and analysts

These groups are key to our sustainability over time. We therefore work to achieve an attractive return on investment and a smooth, close and transparent relationship with the financial market.


Mediators are a key part of the Group’s relationship with its environment. They come into contact with customers, generate confidence in order to understand their particular needs, and provide value through their professionalism and closeness. That is why, good communication and a trusting relationship with mediators are fundamental to providing good customer service.

Collaborators and suppliers

We guarantee objectivity and impartiality in the selection and hiring of our service providers, as well as equal treatment and transparency in management.


Our business model is based on respect for people and on contributing positively to the environment and its stakeholders. In addition, through the Fundación Occident we contribute to the execution of social action projects that reflect our commitment to society.