Sustainability strategy

Commitment to sustainability

Commitment to sustainability

GCO is committed to the best corporate governance and sustainability practices and to contributing to social and economic development, respecting human rights and the environment and strives to permanently reconcile GCO's objectives with the legitimate interests of the stakeholders with which it relates or in which it affects its activity.

This commitment is materialised through the sustainability policy and the 2021-2023 Sustainability Master Plan.

Sustainability policy

The sustainability policy lays out the framework for any of our entities to develop and promote sustainable behaviour. It includes the general guiding principles on sustainability, as well as the specific sustainability targets we are pursuing at GCO.

This declaration promotes high standards in the integration of environmental, social and governance aspects, through which we commit to adhering to best practices, strictly complying with regulations, ensuring the maximum involvement of our leaders and establishing sustainability as a guiding principle for all our policies and operations. We prioritise climate action, the energy transition and striking a balance between present and future needs. We also focus on generating long-term value for all our stakeholders, promoting sustainability and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our 2024-2026 plan

The 2024-2026 Sustainability Master Plan is the tool through which we develop and implement our sustainability strategy. It rests on four pillars: good governance, sustainable business, social commitment and environmental responsibility; and a cross-cutting approach to reporting and transparency. This Plan includes our priority actions for the next three years, defined through 10 strategic lines, from which we have defined 22 objectives to achieve and the 44 actions needed to realise them.

Good governance

We will strengthen sustainability in the governance and management of ESG aspects throughout the GCO value chain.

Sustainable business

We will continue to incorporate sustainability into products and investments.

Social commitment

We will focus on people, talent and contributing to society.

Environmental responsibility

We will establish a plan to contribute to climate neutrality and promote natural capital.