Ethics and transparency

Ethics in GCO (Grupo Catalana Occidente)

Code of Ethics

The group's Code of Ethics is the document that establishes the guidelines that must govern the ethical behaviour of the directors, employees, mediators and collaborators of GCO in their daily performance, as they interact with all stakeholders. For this reason, it is mandatory for all people working in GCO and its companies to comply with it.

It highlights the GCO's deep respect for human rights within its organisation. This means that, within its sphere of influence, GCO acts in favour of its defence and ensures that none of the companies that comprise it is responsible, by action or omission, for any form of violation of these fundamental rights.

Likewise, the HR Policy, establishes GCO's commitments to its employees in terms of equal opportunities and remuneration, training and professional improvement and employee relations.

Principles and values of the GCO's (GRupo Catalana Occidente) Code of Ethics

Integrity and honesty


Respecting and safeguarding human rights


Social commitment

Respect for the environment

Transparency and confidentiality

Compliance with the legality and corporate governance system

Company brand, image and reputation