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5 ways to protect your pet

"Pet animals are very much on the scene in our lives and for this reason, NorteHispana Seguros review the main reasons why pets should be insured, so that their owners' only worry is finding time to enjoy time with them."

More and more families have decided to add a pet to their homes. According to data from the Association Madrileña de Veterinarios de Animales de Compañía (Amvac), 39.7% of all households have at least one pet. This means that there are nearly 20 million pets in Spain. Dogs and cats are the favourites.

Besides their numerous presences in our lives, the role of the pet has also changed within the family. In this way, these animals have gone from being "company" to being another member of the family.

Aware of this fact, companies in very different fields are increasingly extending their range of products and services to add those for pets. This is also the case of NorteHispana Seguros, an insurance company that is part of Grupo Catalana Occidente, which now includes pet animals in its NorteHispana Familiar Funeral Insurance. Specifically, the company offers a free annual visit to the veterinarian in this policy, as well as the provision of cremation service in the event of the pet's death.

But this is not the only way in which a pet can be protected. NorteHispana Seguros reviews 5 aspects of pet animals that can be insured, so that their owners just have to worry about enjoying time with them.

1.- Responsibility:

Owning a pet entails responsibility and not only for the care and affection that must be provided, but also to protect against possible damage that may be caused to third parties. For this reason, many pets, especially certain breeds of dog, have Civil Liability insurance.

2.- Health and care:

Pets should go to the vet for periodic reviews and not only at specific times such as emergencies. In this way, prevention and medical advances in the veterinary field allow for diagnosis and discussion of pathologies that until now were not possible to tackle. Without forgetting that the more care you give, the greater the quality of life of the pet and, for that matter, also his/her greater life expectancy.

3.- Loss or theft

Although there are insurance policies that offer compensation in the event of the pet's loss or theft, more and more insurers are aware that it is necessary to contribute to their safety to avoid these situations. For example, NorteHispana Insurance has put in motion an SOS service for pets with which, via a device and NFC technology, the pet can be found and identified.

4.- Absences

On occasion, unpredictable events may occur that can cause the owner to be temporarily unable to take care of his/her pet. The insurance also provides for this type of situation and provides care for animals in these circumstances, providing reassurance for owners.

5.- Death

The death of a pet can be painful and difficult to overcome, since pets are another family member. This is a complicated time, not only because of the emotional aspect, but also because of the paperwork that must be dealt with. For this reason, some insurers already offer funeral insurances for pets.

In the case of NorteHispana Insurance, the company provides the service of cremation in the event of death of the pet. The cremation of insured pets is carried out regardless of the cause of death and the location in national territory where the death has occurred, as NorteHispana Seguros service includes the costs of the pet's collection. The insurer also offers the possibility of adding an obituary on Internet with photo and dedication.  This coverage is intended for dogs and cats, as they are the most common pets, without any exception for breed or weight. 

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