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A dog aged 4.5 years called Luna, this is the profile of an insured pet in Spain

"NorteHispana Seguros, which has over 1,100 pets covered with death insurance, has carried out a study on the profiles of these pets"

NorteHispana Seguros has made a study of the pet profiles insured, with data gathered from the pets covered with its NorteHispana family death insurance policy. Thus, 96% of the total number of pets insured by the company are dogs whereas 4% are cats.

With regard to the age of the pet, the average pet insured with NorteHispana Seguros is 4.4 years old. An average that in the case of dogs is 4.5 years and 3.6 years for cats.  Moreover, 41.75% of pets insured are 3 years old or younger. On the other hand, 48.54% are aged between 4 and 8 years old, and 9.71% are 9 years old or older.

The flexibility of NorteHispana family death insurance permits its customers to insure more than one pet on the same policy. Even though one of the insurance company's customers has 8 pets insured, the study shows that the general trend is for one pet to be covered. In this regard, 83% of NorteHispana Seguros policies have only one pet covered, whereas 17% have more than one pet. 

Distribution by area

In Andalusia, there are 245 pets covered, representing 21.62 of the total.

In the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia, there are 164 pets covered, which is 14.47% of the total.

In Catalonia there are 123 pets covered, representing 10.85% of the total pets covered by the company.

In the central area (which comprises Aragon, Castile and Leon, Castile-La Mancha, the Community of Madrid and Extremadura) there are 342 pets covered; 30.20% of the total.

In the north area (Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia, La Rioja and the Basque Country), there are 199 pets covered; 17.56% of the total.

On the islands (the Balearic Islands and the Canary islands) there are 60 pets insured, representing 5.30% of the total.

Most popular names

Luna, Kira and Rocky are the most common dog names, at 6.14%. The most popular cat names also include Luna, as well as Yiyi. The study made by NorteHispana Seguros also shows pets with classical names such as Laika, Copito, Pacho or Toby; mythological or religious names such as Zeus, Atila, Ulises, Odin, Nefertiti, Achilles, Obuda or Shiva; of superheroes like Hulk, Batman or Thor and of weather events such as Trueno (thunder), Tornado or Lluvia (rain).

Since last year NorteHispana Seguros has permitted pets to be included under its family death insurance policies. The new cover by NorteHispana Seguros is aimed at cats and dogs, which are the most common pets in our society, with no exceptions made because of breed or weight.

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