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Digitization and funeral insurance: how to live forever online

"One of the areas of the insurance sector that is most committed to digitization is funeral insurance, where people's online profile is becoming increasingly important."

It is clear that new technologies are transforming society and, in this logical evolution, digitization, connectivity and information play a key role. Also, in the current environment, consumers demand agile and innovative solutions that adapt to these new needs.

Insurance is no stranger to these trends, and more companies in the sector are taking serious steps in light of this reality. One of the areas of the insurance sector that is committed to digitization is funeral insurance, where people's online profile is becoming increasingly important. In this regard, many citizens want to know what will happen to all their personal information that is online, after their death.

NorteHispana Seguros, a Grupo Catalana Occidente company, is committed to offering solutions to this type of digital challenge through its funeral insurance with the coverage, My digital legacy. The coverage includes services ranging from the analysis of online presence and reputation, to the insured person being able to decide how they want to say goodbye on the forums and blogs they visit or on their social networks.

The following digital services are available in NorteHispana Seguros funeral insurance policies:

Online presence report: provides an updated analysis of the customer's digital identity that determines the image that the customer projects online, and that includes recommendations and tips for improving their online image and reputation. Various aspects are reviewed such as information about the person that can be found online, including opinions and comments in forums or blogs.Once all the information has been collected and the results and conclusions drawn, the customer can download their online presence report. In addition to the various areas analysed, in the report they will also find recommendations and tips for improving their online image.

Management of social media profiles: after the death of a person, their relatives or any other person decided by the insured person, must decide what to do with the digital legacy they leave behind. NorteHispana Seguros offers, on the one hand, the option of deleting the digital fingerprint of the deceased, deleting their social media profiles; cancelling their subscriptions and their online accounts, etc.

On the other hand, the insurance company allows you to edit profiles on social media, forums or blogs to communicate the death or to prepare for your farewell with a few final words, a video or an image, with a final post. It also offers the possibility of changing social media profiles, such as Facebook, Instagram or Couchsurfing, into commemorative accounts. With this, the company closes public access to the profile so that only those closest to them can interact in memory of the deceased person.

Digital posthumous messages: allow you to say goodbye to loved ones, giving advice, instructions or experiences to friends and family members through personalized electronic and/or audiovisual messages, with the possibility of scheduling them like a keepsake box.

Biography design in NFC and QR codes (Family Tree): the design of a biography of the deceased or their family using QR (two-dimensional square bar code that stores coded data) and NFC technology (wireless technology with which large amounts of data are instantly transferred). This type of device can be put on different items such as tombstones, urns or condolence books, so that when you bring your mobile device close to it, you can see the biography on screen and interact with it.

Digital inheritance: service that transfers all types of files, documents, online accounts and digital assets to the designated beneficiaries. So, heirs will be able to dispose of and retain stored information of emotional or economic value.

Online will: allows the customer to make their will through the website and, at the same time, during this process the customer will have the support of a lawyer to carry out the corresponding procedures. Includes lawyer, coordination and notary fees.

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