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In 2020 Seguros Bilbao will be looking to consolidate the growth of its commercial network

"The insurance company brings together 150 agents at its conferences to inform them about its objectives and strategy for this year."

In January Seguros Bilbao held conferences for its agents, an event that brought together 150 representatives with the aim of presenting the company's strategy for 2020. Consolidating the growth of its commercial network will be one of the main lines of action for this year.

The conferences, lasting three days, were held at the Hotel Real and at the Santander Exhibition Centre. They were inaugurated by the General Manager of Seguros Bilbao, Javier Maiztegui, who first reviewed the company's main milestones in 2019.

Maiztegui also emphasized Seguros Bilbao's commitment to innovation in the development of products and services, a challenge which is necessary "to respond to new trends and the habits and needs of our customers." He also described the different initiatives that the insurance company will implement this year in business, health, savings, car and home insurance.

In this respect, he also recalled that last year Seguros Bilbao launched a Civil Liability insurance policy for drones and improved its home insurance by including new guarantees.

José Manuel Ereño, Seguros Bilbao's Assistant Managing Director for Sales, detailed the company's strategic plan and set out the targets to be met in 2020. He stressed that to address the challenges successfully "the agency and distribution network is fundamental" and pointed out that this year Seguros Bilbao will focus on achieving greater efficiency, as well as increasing and strengthening customer orientation.

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