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NorteHispana Seguros becomes one of CD Lugo Sala's sponsors

"The insurance company collaborates with the Lugo-based club for the 2019-2020 season with the aim of promoting this sport in this province of Galicia."

NorteHispana Seguros and Lugo Sala have signed a collaboration agreement whereby the insurance company will sponsor this club from Galicia in one of its youth categories for the 2019-2020 season. This partnership ratifies Seguros Bilbao's commitment to sport and healthy lifestyles, and it reflects the company's commitment wherever it is present.

The agreement was signed at the insurance company's branch in Lugo by the chairman of Lugo Sala, Marcos Pereira, and the director of the NorteHispana Seguros branch in this city of Galicia, Juan Carlos Pernas.  The company's director stated, "we are particularly excited to be able to contribute to this project initiated in 2014, where in just five years values such as respect, discipline, team spirit and effort have become the club's sign of identity."

Pereira, on the other hand, was pleased to see companies like NorteHispana Seguros support sports organisations, "because it is a major boost for us and, moreover, a clear indication of the insurance company's commitment towards sport in Lugo."

This alliance also involves the NorteHispana Seguros brand appearing on the jersey of one of the club's categories and on its website.

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