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NorteHispana Seguros includes pets in its death insurance

"A free annual visit to the vet to check the pet's health and its cremation in the event of death are some of the new covers included in the company's death insurance."

NorteHispana Seguros broadens its range of services for families by including a new cover for pets in its Seguro de decesos NorteHispana familiar. Specifically, the insurance company is offering in this policy a free annual visit to the vet and a cremation service in the event of the pet's death. 

The cremation of insured pets is carried out regardless of the cause of death and where it takes place in the country, as the service includes the pet's collection costs. The possibility of incorporating a web obituary with a eulogy is also offered.  

This coverage is aimed at dogs and cats due to them being the most common pets in our society, without any exception of breed or weight. 

“At NorteHispana Seguros we are aware that pets have become another member of the family, and therefore, we have included a new cover in our death insurance”, explains the technical director of NorteHispana Seguros, Joan Miquel Cervera.  These new services are available for both new and existing policies of Seguro NorteHispana familiar. 

According to the latest data published by Unespa, there are 16,000 incidents related to pets in Spain every year that are covered by the insurance. Of that number, 70% of the requests for assistance from the insurance policy are related to the pet's health. The next reason on the list is third-party liability, reaching 10%. 

Traditionally, home insurance policies include civil liability for damage caused by pets and even veterinary services in the event of the pet being involved in an accident. Now NorteHispana Seguros goes one step further by including in your death insurance the pet's cremation in the event of its death.

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