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NorteHispana Seguros moves forward in 2019 with a plan to consolidate its growth in the funeral insurance market

"In its recent sales conferences, the insurance company presented the highlights of the last financial year, as well as the objectives established for 2019."

NorteHispana Seguros presented the company's forecast for 2019 in its sales conferences held during the month of January, and reviewed the most significant highlights of the previous financial year.  The conferences, held in various locations in Spain, were attended by 700 delegates from the company's commercial division.

The Managing Director of NorteHispana Seguros, Augusto Huesca, brought attention to the company's good performance in 2018, especially regarding turnover. Huesca also stated that in 2019, the company aims to consolidate its position in the funeral insurance branch, where NorteHispana Seguros is one of the leading firms with over one million clients.

One of the challenges facing the funeral insurance sector is that of making the product more attractive to clients. For this reason, NorteHispana Seguros has focused its efforts on improving the flexibility of contracts to ensure that every client, within the same family unit, can choose the cover that they consider to be most appropriate for their needs" he explained.

Coverage with added value

The commercial manager of NorteHispana Seguros, Juan Sánchez, underlined that the company also works to offer complementary services aimed at increasing client satisfaction. He pointed out that the most popular services among NorteHispana Seguros clients were those related to health, including healthcare and prevention and wellness.

This is a differentiating factor that NorteHispana Seguros plans to reinforce with new products and services in 2019. Sánchez also referred to one of the new products recently incorporated into the company's catalogue of insurance products, namely pet insurance, as part of the NorteHispana family funeral insurance policy.

He also thanked all the professionals from NorteHispana Seguros who, thanks to their hard work and dedication in 2018, permitted the company to achieve high customer satisfaction scores. “The projects and analysis that we have implemented with a view to understanding and improving customer satisfaction levels reveal that the close relationship with our brokers, their professionalism and our excellent service are key factors for our clients”, he explained.

The sales conferences also discussed other challenges facing the company, such as its adjustment to the digital environment. As a result, in 2019, NorteHispana Seguros plans to launch various digital tools for its commercial network.

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