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NorteHispana Seguros offers home care to customers that are prescribed rest by doctors

"Food shopping, cooking, doing the laundry and ironing are some of the chores newly included in the company’s Healt and Well-being coverage."

NorteHispana Seguros has added to its Funeral insurance's Health and Well-being coverage a new home care service for customers that, due to a temporary illness, are forced to rest at home and cannot carry out their house chores in normal fashion. 


Specifically, the chores include household cleaning; food shopping; doing the laundry; ironing; tidying the house; and cooking. Customers will be able to enjoy this service, with full reimbursement, three times throughout the year for a maximum of six hours per service to carry out one or several tasks.


This service can be requested by telephone. In addition, the reimbursement protocol will be the same as in the other services, that is, justifying it with the submission of the original invoice. This can be carried out at NorteHispana Seguros branches or via the website

Value services

NorteHispana Seguros' technical director, Joan Miquel Cervera, highlighted that by offering this new home care service, the company is "fulfilling its commitment to offering its customers new added-value services."

In this regard, the executive explained that the company is working towards ensuring health care for and increasing the life expectancy of its insured persons, and he reminded us that with the Health and well-being coverage, NorteHispana Seguros customers can also enjoy annually and free charge one dental cleaning; one visit to the paediatrician; two visits to the psychologist; one visit to the dietitian/nutritionist; one geriatric medical appointment; and eight hours of post-hospital care.

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