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NorteHispana Seguros strives to uphold its customers’ online image and reputation with a new service

"The Company offers its customers a customised report that analyses their digital identity to find out what image they project online."

NorteHispana Seguros is offering its customers a new service as part of its NorteHispana Familiar Funeral Insurance, aimed at upholding the reputation of internet users. Through an online presence report, the company provides an analysis of the customer's digital identity which determines their image on the internet.

The report analyses various aspects such as information about the person that can be found online, including opinions and comments in forums or blogs. It also identifies whether any private data has been published, such as their ID number, address or telephone number, as well as pictures and videos.

Publications such as Official Bullets, sanction notification boards, fines and court rulings are also reviewed to detect whether the customer's privacy is being violated. The report is completed with a detailed analysis of the user's various profiles on social networks.

Once all the information has been collected and the results and conclusions drawn, the customer can download their online presence report. In addition to the various areas analysed, in the report they will also find recommendations and tips for improving their online image.

NorteHispana Seguros' technical director, Joan Miquel Cervera, indicated that by offering this new service the insurer aims to provide its customers with "a tool to allow them to find out what image they project online and to raise awareness of the importance of their reputation on the internet."

The online presence report is the latest service added by NorteHispana Seguros to the My Digital Legacy cover. This cover places particular emphasis on services aimed at managing the customer's digital presence after their death, such as the publication of a final post on social networks, forums or blogs; sending personalised posthumous messages or deleting accounts and profiles.

It also includes the conversion of profiles to a commemorative account; the design of a biography using QR and NFC technology to place it on tombstones, urns or the condolences book, and the transmission of digital inheritance, which consists of the transfer of files and documents to designated beneficiaries.

NorteHispana Seguros is committed to offering a differentiated range of new products and services aimed at complementing funeral insurance, thus making it more relevant for customers. In doing so, the insurer aims to consolidate its position in the funeral insurance branch, in which NorteHispana Seguros is one of the leading firms with over one million insured customers.

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