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Plus Ultra Insurance updates Home Plus with more warranties to adapt to each client

"The coverage now includes improvements such as clearing pipes even without water damage, as well as total ruin of the building through works by third-parties. Home Plus also has the best assistance services and a wide range of coverages that the client can select according to their needs."

Plus Ultra Insurance has added new warranties to Home Plus that make this product more flexible so that it can be adapted to the characteristics of each home, since it is available in four contracting modalities: main residence, second residence, rental and vacant or empty.

Among the new warranties you can find coverage in the event of total ruin of the building through works by third-parties and pipe clearing service without water damage. In addition, the main novelties that have been added to this product are aimed at strengthening home protection in the case of water damage. Therefore, coverage of rainfall, hail or snow leaks is extended to façades (before it only covered roofs), and includes subterranean pipe detection and repair expenses (except irrigation or swimming pools).  The garden deterioration warranty is also extended by including the cost of felling and removing trees.

In addition, Home Plus has improved warranties within the rental property modality. For example, in the water damage coverages excess water consumption, leaks from bathroom fixtures and the repair of pipes without water damage have been added; In the theft coverages, garden furniture, solar panels and antennas have been added. Solar panels can be added to the breakage coverage. In addition, this modality offers a home improvement service, highly in demand by clients, and also offers the possibility of increasing the coverage for civil liability up to €600,000.

Different offers

Home Plus with four different contracting options:

• Essential Home Plus, basic protection coverage.
• Optimum Home Plus, medium-high protection coverage.
• Elite Home Plus, premium protection coverage.
• Customisable Home Plus, that allows the client to choose the options that best adapt to their needs.

Along with these new options, the new home product offers distinguishable warranties such as mobile phone screen breakage or appliance repair service.

In addition, to make the contracting and management process easier for the mediator, Home Plus offers a faster and more agile pricing system, which allows the mediator to offer its clients a faster response.

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