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Plus Ultra Seguros and APROMES strengthen their collaboration

"The insurance company and the Professional Association of Insurance Brokers renew their collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting the commercial development of brokers."

Plus Ultra Seguros and the Professional Association of Insurance Brokers (APROMES) have reached an agreement which prolongs their collaboration for another year, with the aim of continuing to further activities, initiatives and synergistic gains for brokers. Furthermore, the agreement between both institutions establishes a framework of a joint activity group which helps to optimize and consolidate the professional development of this collective.

At the signing of the agreement which took place at the insurer's head office was present Javier García-Bernal, the president of APROMES, also present was Juan Sagi-Vela, founder and executive member of APROMES, Luis Vallejo, the Managing Director for Commerce for Plus Ultra Seguros, and Javier Montoya, Managing Director for Commercial Control for Plus Ultra Insurance.

For Vallejo, "APROMES is a benchmark in the sector for its commitment to the development of brokerage. With this agreement, Plus Ultra Seguros offers associates of APROMES all-inclusive and professional support, as much for insurance solutions for clients, as well as our distinguishing features such as training, innovation and most significant asset, our people, who will offer a professional service to our associates from our branch agencies located throughout the national domain."

In addition, García-Bernal emphasized that “Plus Ultra Seguros is a company that has always maintained a significant vocational service to insurance mediators. In this way, with the renewal of this agreement, our associates can count on preferential treatment and on a framework of collaboration based on trust and professionalism, aspects that are fully identified with APROMES values."

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