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Plus Ultra Seguros and the Professional Association of Insurance Brokers of Huesca form an alliance to promote the activity of mediators

"Promoting mediation, boosting the role of mediators and increasing their presence in the Aragonese province of Huesca are some of the actions that the two entities will pursue."

Plus Ultra Seguros and the Professional Association of Insurance Brokers of Huesca (Colegio de Mediadores de Seguros de Huesca) have established an alliance which aims to promote mediation, as well as to boost the work and activity of these professionals in the province of Huesca. 

The agreement, which was sealed at the Association's premises, was signed at an event attended by the chairman of the Professional Association of Insurance Brokers of Huesca, Antonio Mascaray, and the  regional director of corridors of Catalonia and Aragon of Plus Ultra Seguros, Miguel Cortegano. During the signing event, both executives highlighted the important work performed by mediators, who play a key role and form a key group for the sector, since they offer clients a personalised professional service relating to products.

Cortegano emphasised that this agreement ratifies Plus Ultra Seguros' firm commitment “to mediation and mediators, a commitment that is illustrated in every collaboration agreement that we sign with companies, groups or professional associations”.

Mascaray, meanwhile, highlighted the importance of the agreement with Plus Ultra Seguros, which he defined as “a benchmark insurance company” in the market. “Without a doubt, its support is essential when it comes to promoting mediation and developing the role of mediators within the province of Huesca”, he expressed.

The agreement also envisages the two companies collaborating to hold seminars or conferences in order to enrich the professional growth of mediators in the region.

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