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Plus Ultra Seguros extends its commitment with the Professional Association of Insurance Brokers of Tarragona

"The renewal of the agreement reaffirms the commitment of the insurance company with the brokerage sector and its professionals."

Plus Ultra Seguros and the Association of Insurance Brokers of Tarragona have renewed the collaboration agreement they have worked with for several years. In this regard, the aim of renewing the alliance between the two companies is to promote the figure of the broker and to collaborate in taking forward initiatives and activities that promote the commercial work of the brokers registered in the province of Tarragona.

The agreement was signed at the premises of the territorial Catalonia and Aragon office of Plus Ultra Seguros in Barcelona, with the attendance of the Plus Ultra Seguros Catalonia and Aragon territorial brokers director, Miguel Cortegano, and the chairman of the Professional Association of Insurance Brokers of Tarragona, Àlex Mestre. Both executives reiterated the importance of this agreement for the registered brokers of the province, allowing them to benefit from events or activities that help develop their profession in the area.

Cortegano said that the renewal of this agreement “reasserts the commitment and the involvement of Plus Ultra Seguros with the brokerage community, a group that is essential for the development of the company and a figure, that of the broker, that is very close to the client and, at the same time, has a knowledge of the products that are better adapted to their needs”.

On the other hand, Mestre said that extending the alliance with Plus Ultra Seguros is "very positive for all registered brokers in the province", because it allows them to participate "in events or activities that will improve their knowledge and strengthen their skills with the aim of promoting their work in the province”.

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