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Plus Ultra Seguros launches a Unit Linked plan that permits investing in up to 7 different funds

"The company strengthens its life-savings product range with Multifondos inversión Plus."

Plus Ultra Seguros has launched Multifondos inversión Plus, a life-savings insurance - flexible Unit Linked savings plan that permits the diversification of investment in up to 7 different funds. In this way, customers can optimise the return of their capital via the fund or combination of funds that best adapts to their risk profile (short-, medium- or long-term) taking into consideration the different sectors and geographical areas.

Specifically, the 7 funds are:

• GCO Short Term: fixed income investment of national and international public and private issuers denominated in EUR, with an average duration of the portfolio less than 2 years.
• GCO Fixed Income: fixed income asset investment in both national and international public and private issuers denominated in EUR, with an average duration of the portfolio higher than 2 years.
• GCO Mixed: designed for investors with a moderate risk profile and that, therefore, are looking to allocate a small part of their investment to Spanish variable income. investment mainly in fixed income and up to 30% in national variable income.
• GCO Global 50: mixed fund that combines fixed income assets and up to 50% in national and international variable income.
• GCO Stock: aimed at investors that want to opt for the Spanish stock exchange, in which they invest all of their portfolio, taking as a reference the largest and most actively traded stocks. 
• GCO Eurostock exchange: designed for those who want to invest in the most actively traded stocks of the principal countries of the Eurozone.
• GCO International: investment in national and international variable-yield securities, incorporating actively traded stocks, mostly from Europe and the EU.

For the Deputy Director of LIfe Insurance at Plus Ultra Seguros, Juan Jesús Domínguez, the new Unit Linked plan combines all the benefits of life insurance with the profitability of investment funds. “With the launch of the new Multifondo inversión Plus, we have a product with a clear added value by offering the customer 7 investment alternatives among which they can distribute their money,” Domínguez emphasised.

Additionally, with Multifondos inversión Plus the customers can choose the financing system that best suits their needs (lump sum or periodic payments), as well as make any extraordinary funding at any time. They can contract from €90 a month (minimum periodic premium of €1,080 a year) or with a single premium of €6,000. The minimum amount of additional contributions is €500. This Unit Linked plan does not mature therefore it can be redeemed in whole or in part without incurring any penalties a year from the date of taking out. It includes also a guaranteed capital sum in the event of death of the insured person.

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