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Previsora Bilbaína protects self-employed workers with new sick-leave compensation insurance

"This exclusive agency belonging to NorteHispana Seguros is offering self-employed workers a new work insurance policy aimed at guaranteeing their income in the event of temporary disability."

Previsora Bilbaína has launched the Tranquillity Work Insurance, a product for self-employed workers who seek to guarantee their income in the event of temporary disability due to injury or illness.

The company will compensate self-employed workers who are recovering from an injury or illness for the corresponding period, always based on a previously set scale. For customers to receive the entire amount, all they have to do is submit the medical diagnosis, regardless of the days on leave.

In addition, the new policy offers multiple guarantees that the customer can add as complementary coverage. One example is the possibility of taking out an extended compensation based on a scale if the leave is longer than the period set out in the main guarantee; another is the option of benefitting from a physiotherapy and rehabilitation service.

NorteHispana Seguros' technical director, Joan Miquel Cervera, highlighted "the company once again focuses on its customers' well-being by launching new products suited to their needs, such as this Tranquillity Work Insurance, which is aimed at protecting self-employed workers against adverse situations and, therefore, guaranteeing their stability at all times".

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