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Seguros Bilbao and Alphabet renew their insurance protocol until 2021

"The agreement, which began in 2015, is now being extended for another three years and will cover more than 45,000 Alphabet vehicles."

Alphabet, a renting, fleet management and corporate mobility company, together with Seguros Bilbao, has renewed its insurance protocol for another three years at a meeting attended by representatives of both companies. 

Thanks to this renewal, more than 45,000 vehicles (representing 80% of Alphabet's fleet) will still be insured by Seguros Bilbao, a company belonging to Grupo Catalana Occidente.  This agreement was arbitrated by Marsh, the world's leading risk consultant and insurance broker for handling risks around the world. 

Alphabet España's CEO, Rocío Carrascosa, stated that "Alphabet's priority is to guarantee its clients optimum service. That is why we are really satisfied with the renewal of this agreement, which will benefit both ourselves and our clients, for whom we strive to provide the best-quality services and ensure the best possible experience."  As part of its policy to ensure good client experience, Alphabet offers the possibility to submit information on an accident by using the AlphaGuide app, thereby simplifying the process by attaching the photos taken of the vehicle using the mobile phone's camera.

In the opinion of Seguros Bilbao's general manager, Javier Maiztegui, "Alphabet's decision to continue trusting us confirms the high quality service we are capable of offering our clients, a challenge whose goals we try to surpass with every passing day". 

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Alphabet is a leading Corporate Mobility supplier. Founded in 1997 as a division of the BMW Group, it has acquired in-depth knowledge of fleet management and renting. Alphabet España currently operates a portfolio of more than 55,000 cars and light commercial vehicles and ranks fourth in the market. With its experience and technology, it is a frontrunner in offering Advanced Mobility Solutions, for example: AlphaElectric is a comprehensive electric mobility solution, while AlphaCity is the efficient, cost-effective vehicle sharing option, and AlphaGuide, the smartphone mobility application, all of which simplify their users' lives. For further information, please consult

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