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Seguros Bilbao endorses the Fair Saturday solidarity movement for the fourth consecutive year

"The insurer affirms its commitment to culture by sponsoring the event and also lends its support to several of the solidarity activities that will take place throughout the day."

Seguros Bilbao demonstrates its firm commitment to culture by sponsoring the Fair Saturday solidarity movement for the fourth consecutive year. The event holds its 5th edition on Saturday 30 November, with the aim of promoting art and culture, emphasizing its essential role in building a better future.

The day before, on Friday 29 November, the inaugural benefit concert will be held in the Bilbao Arena, featuring more than 1,000 artists with an audience of 7,000.

José Manuel Ereño, Seguros Bilbao's Assistant Managing Director for Sales, stated that "it is a pleasure for us to lend our support again this year to a movement that was born in the city of Bilbao in 2016, one which, moreover, combines culture and art with solidarity, a necessary mix for today's society, which Seguros Bilbao wants to continue promoting".

In addition to becoming one of the main promoters of Fair Saturday, the insurer will also sponsor several special events throughout the day, such as 'Dancing on the Nervión', which features the Roser Carrés Ballet School and aims to create a link of solidarity with Africa through ballet.

15 cities and 9 countries

The Fair Saturday movement began in 2014 in the city of Bilbao and has now spread to more than 15 cities and 9 countries, consolidating itself year after year as a leading initiative in the cultural field. In this edition, Scotland, Biscay, Bilbao, Bristol, Milan, Lima, Málaga, Huelva, Lisbon, Leeuwarden, Massachusetts, Quincy, Helsinki, Atlanta and Cardiff will host more than 1,200 events, with 200,000 people expected to attend.


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