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Seguros Bilbao focuses on promoting its distribution network in 2019

"The 10th Meeting looked over the insurance company's progress in 2018 and communicated the strategy for this year. "

Seguros Bilbao celebrated its 10th Meeting, from 9 to 11 January, bringing together more than 300 professionals to inform them of the insurance company's goals for this fiscal year, among which promoting the distribution network was highlighted. 

These events, which took place in the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, and the Tres Reyes Hotel in Pamplona, were attended by the chief executive of Grupo Catalana Occidente, Ignacio Álvarez, who started the meeting by looking over the insurance group's progress last year. Additionally, the managing director of Seguros Bilbao, Javier Maiztegui, focused his speech on the company's most significant milestones in 2018, which coincided with the company's centenary.

In this sense, Maiztegui underlined Seguros Bilbao's ongoing commitment to innovation in product and service development and quoted some examples of initiatives promoted in 2018, such as the launch of the Cyber risk insurance for companies or the renewal of the entire savings product range. 

At the same time, Maiztegui presented the company's challenges for this year 'where the agency network has a leading role'. 'Our distribution network is the heart of Seguros Bilbao and, therefore, the key to develop our business model', explained the managing director of Seguros Bilbao. In 2019 the insurance company will also focus its energy on being more efficient, as well as increasing and strengthening its customer focus. 

Shared Strategy 

The Meeting's claim, 'Shared Strategy', reveals how important it is for the professionals that are part of the insurance company to understand and share the company's goals. Thus, the sales assistant managing director of Seguros Bilbao, José Manuel Ereño, stated that this aspect is essential for the profitable and solvent growth of the insurance company.

Throughout the Meeting the perspectives of different areas within the company were also analysed and sessions where held during which agents and sales managers shared their experiences, received training and reflected on the challenges to be faced in 2019. In addition, Seguros Bilbao recognised the most significant professionals of the last year as well as the agents from the PROA programme that will become part of the agency network throughout 2019. This year coincides with the 25th anniversary of the launch of this programme. 

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