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Seguros Bilbao offers up to 3&percnt off for transfers to its insurance products

"In addition, the insurance company has added two new pension plans to its portfolio, which allows it to broaden its catalogue of products aimed at retirement."

Seguros Bilbao renews its insurance campaign offering up to 3% extra to participants and shareholders that transfer to its pension plans, guaranteed insurance plans or EPSV insurance plans.  Clients who wish to take advantage of this campaign have until the end of the year to perform their transfers, which must amount to €2,500 or more.  

This insurance campaign aims to reward the loyalty of those clients who are saving and thinking of their retirement. For this reason, clients will receive 0.50% of the amount transferred in the next four years, to which an additional 0.25% may be added if the participant includes an annual premium of more than €1,200 to the plan.  

To benefit from these discounts, transfers must be made to Seguros Bilbao pension plans and mixed fixed-income and variable annuity plans as well as the guaranteed pension plan. All the conditions of this product, as well as those of the rest of the company's savings products are available at

Two new plans 

Besides starting this campaign, Seguros Bilbao has added two new pension plans to its portfolio: GCO Variable Annuity Pensions and GCO Fixed-Income Pensions.

To this effect, 75% of the new GCO Variable Annuity Pensions' assets are invested in variable annuity; this product is designed for clients with little risk aversion and a long-term savings plan. 

Furthermore, GCO Fixed-Income Pensions invest in short term fixed income with a very low risk profile. In addition, it is a product aimed at clients who are close to retirement and wish to reduce their risk as much as possible or prefer to diversify part of their savings.

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