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Seguros Bilbao reaffirms its support to Club Balonmano Zuazo Women for the second year in a row

"The company reasserts its commitment to women's sport and becomes the main sponsor of the handball club from Bilbao for the 2019-2020 season."

Seguros Bilbao has reaffirmed its commitment towards Club Balonmano Zuazo Women by repeating as its main sponsor for the second year in a row. The company joined this project  last season  and it will be supporting the team from Bilbao this year again.

 In doing so, the insurer's brand will appear on the front of the jersey of all the club's teams, and the Christmas, Easter and summer campuses will be renamed Campus Seguros Bilbao – Balonmano Zuazo. Furthermore, once the season is over, Seguros Bilbao will present the Safest Player Award, which recognises the best player throughout the league.

All these new developments are added to the initial agreement, in which Seguros Bilbao's logo will be visible in the pavilion where the club plays its home matches and on the club's website.

Iñigo Garay, Seguros Bilbao's Marketing Director, stated "our commitment to Club Balonmano Zuazo Women reflects Seguros Bilbao's work towards promoting sport and teamwork. We joined this project mid-season, and the experience has been so positive that we want to continue our connection with the club for another year".

On the other hand, Club Balonmano Zuazo Women's president, Aingeru Astorkiza, emphasised the importance of the support provided by entities such as Seguros Bilbao, "this support is essential not only for the development and growth of professional sport, but also of the youth system and the improvement of their training". 

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