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Seguros Catalana Occidente offers a new preventive unblocking service in its community insurance

"The new guarantee, a benchmark on the market, aims to prevent blockages in the pipes and drain stacks of buildings."

Seguros Catalana Occidente has launched a new preventive service for customers who take out its Multi-risk Community Insurance. Specifically, the new coverage offers an annual cleaning service for the catch basin or traps of homes and office buildings, carried out by specialised professionals. With this unique service, the company seeks to increase safety and improve the conservation of properties.

The service includes travel expenses and the first hour of labour. If – due to the specific characteristics of the property – more hours are needed, a quote will be calculated with a reduced rate for the policyholder. Similarly, if the building's characteristics mean the catch basin is hidden, the professionals will be limited to locating and marking the place where it is located. Thus, the policyholder may – if they deem it appropriate – install a system to lock and access it.

In addition to the aforementioned cleaning, the professionals will conduct a video inspection on the pipes and catch basins to ensure that they are properly cleaned. All this will contribute to reducing blockages in the pipes and drain stacks of properties.

Unique service on the market

In its commitment to preventing and protecting its customers, in the final quarter of the year of the policy, Seguros Catalana Occidente will contact the policyholders who have not yet used this service, to enable them to benefit from it. "This preventive service is unique on the market and therefore provides added value for our customers. At Seguros Catalana Occidente we are committed to designing and developing differential products and services that cover the new needs of our policyholders", stated the Private Customers Manager at Seguros Catalana Occidente, Antonio Tejero.

In order to take out this preventive service, you must also have: the "water damage" guarantee; the contracted policy must refer to a single building entrance; the drain stacks must be made of PVC and the insured property must be within the areas where the service will be provided.

Accordingly, the service will be launched in the Region of Madrid, Asturias, Catalonia, Valencia and Murcia, and in the provinces of Almería, Cádiz, Granada and Málaga. This service is scheduled to be extended to other regions in the coming months.

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