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Seguros Catalana Occidente renews its sponsorship of the Kursaal Theatre in Manresa (Barcelona)

"The insurance company will continue to support the Kursaal's programme of classical music and opera."

Seguros Catalana Occidente has renewed its sponsorship of the Kursaal Theatre in Manresa (Barcelona). With the agreement, the company is sticking with its commitment to culture and the performing arts by supporting Kursaal and its programming, with a special emphasis on opera shows and classical music concerts.

The manager of the Seguros Catalana Occidente branch in Manresa, Daniel Concepción, attended the signing of the agreement, along with the Manager of Manresana d’Equipaments Escènics (MEES — the company that manages the Kursaal), Jordi Basomba. They all highlighted that the agreement will contribute to the Kursaal being able to 'offer a high-quality, relevant and interesting programme, which transcends across the city and the province, to continue positioning the Kursaal as a benchmark within the performing arts'.

Seguros Catalana Occidente has backed the Kursaal programming since it opened in 2007. It has been linked from the very beginning with the Fundación Jesús Serra, as recognition for the patronage, both privately and through the Foundation, promoted by Jesús Serra, founder of the Catalan Occidente Group, born in the town of El Pont de Vilomara.

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