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The 5 benefits of the insurance for connected cars

"New mobility models have emerged and are currently emerging that may lead to a turning point for society. One of them is the connected vehicle, i.e. a vehicle that is connected to the internet or to a telematics device or that incorporates technology providing connectivity."

Although this technology has and will have multiple applications in the future, one of the most immediate benefits is the enhanced safety and prevention features for passengers. Aware of this reality, Seguros Catalana Occidente has launched a service called Connected Safety Car, which can be taken out together with its car insurance. The insurer here presents five reasons of why this technology can become the best ally of drivers to perfect their driving style and significantly reduce the emergency services' response time.


Safety is the most compelling argument when it comes to choosing a connected vehicle, as the devices can contact directly with the emergency services in the event of a collision, without the driver having to give notice.

Since it also provides the exact location of the accident and any additional information relating to it, we significantly reduce the emergency services' response time.


This technology enables users to request roadside assistance in a comfortable and simple way when travelling. Seguros Catalana Occidente provides this service via an App installed on a mobile phone (bcall). When requesting assistance, an operator contacts the user to resolve their queries on the road or call the tow service in the event of an incident.


The Car Finder function provides users the car's location at all times. This feature, in addition to being very practical for the absent-minded by allowing them to locate and view a route leading to the vehicle, is useful in the event of theft. By means of this service offered by Seguros Catalana Occidente, users can notify the Assistance Platform via the App so the car is monitored while they report the theft to the Police.


One of its technology-inherent characteristics is the capacity to make life easier. A connected car improves driving experience due to the continuous development of technological innovations conceived to meet the driver's needs and preferences, for example, by generating automatic warnings when exceeding a preset speed or allowing the user to define a driving perimeter (geofence).


A connected car also provides information about the driving style, which can help users improve or achieve a more efficient and safer driving style. The system also stores a history of the trips completed and the kilometres covered.

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