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The Fundación Jesús Serra holds the 13th edition of the Fundación Jesús Serra Ski Trophy at the Baqueira Beret ski resort.

"The championship took place at the Valle de Arán ski resort last weekend and closed with more than 200 participants, overcoming the weather conditions."

The Fundación Jesús Serra, belonging to Grupo Catalana Occidente, celebrated its ski competition for the thirteenth consecutive year with many attendees, despite the weather conditions. Ona Rocamora and Aingeru Garai received a hard-fought and contested Fundación Jesús Serra Trophy at the Stadium in Baqueira Beret.

On Saturday 7 March, the Stadium Beret team, together with the race's Technical Committee, decided to postpone the ski trials due to the weather conditions and the lack of guarantee for the safety of the athletes. 

The poor weather and heavy snowfall affected the giant slalom trials, which meant that the decision had to be made to postpone the day from Saturday to the next day. The whole team involved in the organization decided to hold the giant and parallel in one day, so the trials went ahead and the number of participants in the finals was reduced. Finally, the 16 best brands, both female and male, agreed to compete in the parallel. 

On Sunday 8 March, the giant and parallel slalom was held at the Stadium in Beret. This time, the sun took centre stage accompanying the athletes during the competition, which allowed them to compete in the Trophy as planned. At 9am the giant trials began with 22 different categories, having to get past 24 doors before reaching the finish line. The top 16 male and female racers were classified for the tournament's final in a knockout parallel run. This parallel run is one of three unique trials offered in Spain in this category and the only one that allows participation from 16 years. After passing the qualifying rounds, the winners were, in the female category, Ona Rocamora and in the male category Aingeru Garai.

The Fundación Jesús Serra Trophy aims to bring together the world of sport and training through skiing, an activity which Jesús Serra Santamans, founder of Grupo Catalan Occidente, was closely involved in. That is why the first three classified, under 25 years of age, in the parallel race obtained a scholarship to continue their training, a unique format in the world of skiing that allows us to combine training to enter the sports elite with academic training.

At the end of the race, the awards were presented for each category, with gifts from the Salomon, Suunto, Solo Nieve brands for the winners, and the winners of the prize draw among all the participants, who had been announced previously, of Salomon sports equipment, Reforcer, RFEDI merchandising, a weekend at the Palacio de Luces and Coolrooms Atocha, among many more.

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