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The Jesús Serra Foundation and the CNIO introduce the new Visiting Researcher, Dr. Scott Lowe, a leading specialist in cancer research

"The aim of the Visiting Researchers' Program is to finance the stay of a professor at the CNIO who has been working at a prestigious International Center for the last five years."

The Jesús Serra Foundation, in cooperation with the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), is sponsoring doctor Scott Lowe's stay in Spain; this American doctor is one of the leading scientists in international cancer research, specifically in the area of senescence, tumour suppressors and the discovery of new therapeutic targets.  

This collaboration was formally announced at the presentation of the tenth edition of the Jesús Serra Foundation' s Visiting Researchers' Program, belonging to the Grupo Catalana Occidente, which was recently held in Madrid, attended by the Jesús Serra Foundation's president, Federico Halpern; the CNIO's director, Maria A. Blasco; and the visiting researcher, Dr. Scott Lowe. 

In Halpern's opinion, this collaboration implies a clear commitment to research and the development of the Foundation's Visiting Researchers' Program, stating it is: "an initiative that is now in its 10th year and which, thanks to the resulting synergy, has deepened the scientific relationship between the host research group and the group sending the visiting researcher".  

In the CNIO director's opinion, it is an honor for the center to count on the participation of such a relevant researcher as Dr. Scott Lowe. "This proves the international relevance of programs being run by the CNIO and the hard work being done by resident researchers," Blasco said.  In turn, Dr. Lowe thanked the Jesús Serra Foundation "for the great opportunity offered by this collaboration, which gives him further scope for cooperating with CNIO researchers in Cancer Cell Biology and Molecular Oncology Programs".   


The Visiting Researchers' Program

 For the Jesús Serra Foundation, belonging to Grupo Catalana Occidente, it is essential to boost interaction in the field of research in order to contribute to scientific progress. This is why the organization collaborates with several scientific organizations visited by prestigious doctors in the Program for Visiting Researchers sponsored by the Jesús Serra Foundation. As a result of this program, more and more organizations are cooperating.  

These include the CNIO, a leading national and international public institution for cancer research, diagnosis and treatment; the Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Center (CNIC) for furthering cardiology studies and subsequently applying them in the treatment of patients; and, since 2014, the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics (IAC), an international research center with observatories in Tenerife and Gran Canaria.


About the CNIO 

 The CNIO is a public Spanish institution engaged in cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. Ranked among the top 10 monographic cancer research centers in the world (Scimago report; Nature Index), the CNIO covers the whole R&D+i scope, from basic to clinical research, in order to quickly and effectively transmit the results to the National Health System and pharmaceutical and biotechnological markets.

The CNIO has an Experimental Therapy Program that includes the initial development phases of therapeuticallytargeted drugs on which its scientists are working. It has also spawned 3 spin-off companies, whose developments have also reached and benefited patients. Such data clearly shows the Institution's commitment to innovation and technological dissemination and illustrates the importance of public-private collaboration in making important contributions to the disease's diagnosis and treatment. 

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