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The Jesús Serra Foundation celebrates sport and education in the 12th edition of the Ski Trophy in Baqueira Beret

"The tournament will be held on 9th and 10th March in the popular ski station of Valle de Arán. There will be prizes for the winners and raffles among all the participants."

The Jesús Serra Foundation, belonging to the Catalana Occidente Group, is staging its annual ski tournament, open to amateur and professional skiers, for the twelfth consecutive year.

All the participants will enter a raffle to win items of sportswear during the closing celebration on Saturday. The tournament will also offer grants to help fund the studies of the best classified skiers in the under-25 category. These grants, intended for students interested in pursuing an education, are the essence of the championship and reflect the values upheld by Jesús Serra Santamans.

The ski tournament consists of 22 categories, with events for juniors and also more experienced skiers, including the elite category, open exclusively for licensed competitors. As well as the competitors and their teams, this year the Tournament has the honour to receive a visit from Jon Santacana, the Spanish Paralympic world champion, who will give an exhibition of his skiing skills in the spectacular ski resort of Baqueira.

Participants in the tournament, open to 500 people, can register through ski clubs or independently on the website The final date for registration is Thursday, 7th March. You will find more information on the event on the Jesús Serra Foundation and the Baqueira Beret social networks.

Events and prizes

The Giant Slalom, popular for the speed, precision, coordination and technique required, will take place on Saturday, 9th March. The winners will be those who finish the circuit in the shortest time. The Parallel Slalom will take place on Sunday 10th between the 16 best women's times and the 32 best men's times from Saturday's competition. This event consists of the simultaneous descent of two skiers on a shorter slope than that of the Giant Slalom.

The first three winners of the Giant Slalom in the different categories will receive gifts from the sponsoring brands (Salomon, Buff and SoloNieve). The first three under-25 male and female skiers classified in the Parallel Slalom will also win a prize. Prizes will consist of items from the sponsoring brands (Suunto, Salomon and Buff), in addition to a studies grant worth 3,000 euros (1st prize), 2,500 euros (2nd prize) and 2,000 euros (3rd prize).

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