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“Your city is full of pianos”, an initiative by Fundación Jesús Serra and the Maria Canals Competition, comes to Granada

"Fundación Jesús Serra, from Grupo Catalana Occidente, and the Maria Canals International Music Competition continue the itinerary of their recognised initiative, “Your city is full of pianos”, which will fill the streets of Granada with music on Friday 20 September. Different corners of this city will have 7 grand pianos and become an outdoor music stage, where the citizens of Granada and its visitors will be able to enjoy art and fusion in an unmatched setting. The City Hall of Granada, the Granada City Orchestra and the Patronage of Alhambra are supporting this event."

The pianos will be located in emblematic spaces within the old quarter, such as the Palacio de Carlos V, located on the Alhambra's hill, which this year celebrates its 35th anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another piano will be placed at the Mirador de San Nicolás viewpoint, in the heart of the Albaicín quarter. Here we can see the Alhambra from its most privileged vantage point, and the view reaches the summits of Sierra Nevada. Other locations where classical music and flamenco will take over the streets are Plaza de las Pasiegas, Plaza de la Universidad and Plaza Nueva.

From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., these pianos will be available to professional musicians, conservatoire students and flamenco schools, children and amateurs, who will turn Granada into a large live music stage. All attendees will have the chance to enjoy these musical works of art, among of which two concert grand pianos stand out, a Bösendorfer Imperial and a Yamaha CFIII; the rest of the grand pianos are Yamaha C7 (parlour grand piano) and C3 (baby grand piano). These instruments are usually only found in large concert halls, and they will be available to the public for one day.

The 7 pianos will be placed in the following locations in Granada:

1.- Plaza de la Universidad

2.- Plaza de las Pasiegas

3.- Carrera de la Virgen

4.- Plaza Nueva

5.- Plaza Mirador de San Nicolás

6.- Boulevard de la Avda. de la Constitución

7.- Palacio Carlos V

The day's highlights can be shared on social media through photos, videos and messages using the hashtag #PianosGranada.

The “Your city is full of pianos” project aims to promote researching and playing music universally through citizens' involvement. It is one of the highlights organised jointly by Fundación Jesús Serra and the Maria Canals Competition to bring music closer to the entire Spanish population.

"We are continuing the “Your city is full of pianos” itinerary, by making a magical stop in a city like Granada, where you can see and experience the passion for art and music. For us, it is a luxury to be able to offer a day like this to all the people of Granada and enjoy the support of the City Hall and all the citizens, which we know that we can count on," says Laura Halpern, Vice-president of Fundación Jesús Serra. Furthermore, Jordi Vivancos, director of the Maria Canals Competition, stresses the importance of this project through which “we have brought music and piano closer to the entire society and we can show and promote the involvement of the country's finest talents with the prestigious Maria Canals International Music Competition”.

The Councillor for Culture of the City Hall of Granada, Lucía Garrido, has expressed her satisfaction for being able to carry out this initiative in a city that "brims with music" and has a long tradition as a "cradle of composers and performers", and she has encouraged all the people from Granada to partake and enjoy this activity this coming Friday. "We want people to go outside and enjoy music. This city is culture, and the City Hall's effort to promote it and become the European Capital of Culture in 2031 will be a recurrent theme in all the initiatives we present," says Garrido.

The close collaboration between Fundación Jesús Serra and the Maria Canals Competition has allowed this cultural activity to take place in several capital cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, Cadiz, Malaga, Salamanca, Toledo, Santiago de Compostela, Valencia and Leon. After Granada, the initiative will travel to the city of Madrid on 24 October.

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