Fundación Jesús Serra

Fundación Jesús Serra

The Fundación Jesús Serra is the institution through which GCO channel its social activities

Founded in 1998, its activities faithfully follow the humanistic values of its founder, Jesús Serra Santamans, a strong defender, from a private setting, of spirit and humanitarian values in favour of the community. Following the lead set by its driving force, the Foundation annually supports numerous research and educational projects, cultural activities, sporting activities and solidarity initiatives, both organised solely by the Foundation and in collaboration with other institutions, with the aim of fostering GCO's work and commitment towards society. The Foundation's role is essential for constructing a common culture for the companies that comprise GCO, facilitating meetings and participation among all employees and their families across different programmes and events.


Foundation projects

Foundation Research projects


On the premise that without research there is no progress, the Foundation promotes the
Research Awards in nutrition and alimentation, and supports excellence in Spanish research centres of reference with the aim of promoting research in cardiovascular and oncological diseases.

Foundation Research. Projects

Business and Teaching

The Foundation encourages education by supporting both national and international gifted students with great ability and attitude, but with limited financial resources.

At the same time, it supports the socio-occupational integration of people with disabilities through projects for entrepreneurs with disabilities at risk of occupational exclusion.

Social Action Foundation. Projects

Social action

The Foundation is firmly committed to people and the least favoured groups in society. It is the backbone of all the projects in which it is involved.

It promotes social projects for children, immigrants, chronic patients, integration of people with disabilities, training in countries of origin and healthcare with the aim of benefitting the community.

Sports Foundation. Projects


The Foundation aims to keep the legacy of Jesús Serra Santamans alive. Both skiing and tennis were two of his passions and, through various programmes and sporting competitions, both inclusive and for training, the dual objectives of promoting sports and retaining the essence of his humanistic values are combined.

Supporting the Arts Fundación Jesús Serra

Promoting the Arts

Jesús Serra always emphasised his passion for poetry and music, and the Foundation promotes poetic creation for all ages in the Fundación Jesús Serra Poetry Competition. At the same time, it promotes universal dissemination and practice of music by involving citizens. It also supports young talent in the piano world through various projects.